SPENCER STEVENSON is the voice on hair loss

Helping educate and protect patients against the pitfalls of the hair loss and hair transplant industries. 
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First hand experience

I'm a hair transplant patient myself. I know what works and what doesn't.

Voice in the media

Mainstream media correspondent for hair loss related coverage.

Thousands of happy patients

I've helped countless patients through their hair restoration journeys.

Promoting ethical surgery

I'm proud to lead the conversation surrounding ethical practices.

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I was a hair loss sufferer

I suffered significant hair loss in my 20s and set out to find a solution. I set up SpexHair.com to document my journey and my team now provide independent hair loss advice to men and women all over the world.  

Years of media experience

I have years of experience in the hair loss industry and as founder of SpexHair I'm a "go to" resource for many mainstream media outlets including The Guardian, Metro, ITV and BBC.

Advocating ethical hair restoration

The hair loss industry has a bad reputation and is seen by many as exploiting the vulnerable and profiteering through unethical practices. I'm raising awareness about the importance of ethics, helping hair loss sufferers make better informed decisions. 


Happy clients

I'm proud to have counselled 1000s of men and women during their hair loss and hair transplant journeys. I've also mentored many celebrities, guiding them through their research.


Media appearances

I've appeared in print, digital and broadcast media as the face of the hair loss industry for 20 years. I'm available to provide immediate commentary on hair loss related breaking news.


Hair Transplants

I experienced severe hair loss in my 20s and I've made some good and some bad decisions during my hair restoration journey. I've had 13 procedures include FUE and FUT hair transplants and ATP.


SpexHair subscribers

I am the founder of the leading online hair loss and hair transplant blog "SpexHair". To date 50,000 hair loss sufferers have subscribed to the Spex Hair global network.


I regularly provide immediate expert commentary on hair loss and hair transplant related breaking news coverage alongside significant live TV and radio appearances and independent insight in print media.

Live TV Appearances

With unrivalled experience I provide an impartial perspective on the hair loss and hair transplant industries with significant live broadcast experience.

Live radio interviews

Hair loss is a stressful life event and it's impossible to understand unless you've been there yourself. I will provide expert insight to any hair loss or hair care related discussion.

Print media & editorial

I'm a guest writer for a number of publications including Ape To Gentleman and ManForHimself. I also contribute regularly to hair loss/hair transplant related editorial content.


I co-host weekly episodes of the UK version of the world famous "The Bald Truth" radio show with Spencer Kobren. The show is hosted on the male grooming platform, Ape to Gentleman.


My book has helped thousands of men and women to tackle
the day to day challenges of hair loss from the physical
to the psychological.

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